Weights and Measures

Nathan Hanson and Chris Bates

After three decades of playing together, saxophonist Nathan Hanson and bassist Chris Bates release their first record. Recorded in a 100 year old church, the improvised compositions were largely inspired by the writings of John Nystrom who proposed a new system of weights, arithmetic, music notation and timekeeping in the 19th Century. Weights and Measures is a document that quantifies a response to the losses and the blessings, and the disorientation of the moment.


released January 27, 2023

Nathan Hanson – soprano and tenor saxophones
Chris Bates – double bass

All pieces spontaneously composed by Nathan Hanson (Hansonic Publishing, ASCAP) and Chris Bates (Chrisbass Music, BMI).

Engineered and mixed by Caleb Anderson
Mastered by David Bates at 1100fps

Recorded at Christ Lutheran Church on Capitol Hill, St. Paul, MN on March 29, 2021
Cover art: “One Turn of the Dial” by Lara Hanson / larahanson.com
Artist photo by Benny Moreno
Layout by Jamie Breiwick at B Side Graphics

Nathan Hanson thanks Lara and Rafael Hanson, Christ Lutheran Church on Capitol Hill, Benny Moreno, Jesse Goin.

Chris Bates thanks LeeAnn, Otis and Colin, for constant love and support. Dave and JT Bates for brotherly gifts as we journey through the world together. All my musical friends and extended family who inspire me daily. Extra special thanks to Kent McLagan for building my ‘forever bass’ recorded here with Roswell and DPA Microphones.

Gratitude to Dennis Gonzalez.

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