• Sunday, August 21 · 11:00am · Joyann Parker Band in Thornton, NH at White Mountain Boogie and Blues
  • Thursday, August 25 · 6:00pm · Joyann Parker Band in St. Paul at Mears Park
  • Friday, August 26 · 6:00pm · Stray Gray Duck in Minneapolis at Icehouse · Stray Gray Duck is Mike Wolter on guitar, Shane Akers on lap stell guitar and CB on bass. Americana influenced, drummer less musical adventures. We do covers by Bob Dylan, Bill Frisell, Bon Iver, D’Angelo, Neil Young, and many many others. Icehouse dinner sets will have a super lush vibe.
  • Sunday, August 28 · 7:00pm · Joyann Parker – Patsy Cline Tribute in Minneapolis at Crooners
  • Saturday, September 3 · 6:00pm · Framework (Chris Olson, Jay Epstein, Chris Bates) in Minneapolis at Icehouse · Olson, Epstein, Bates play dinner at Icehouse
  • Sunday, September 4 · 2:00pm · Joyann Parker Band in Wabasha, MN at Slippery’s
  • Tuesday, September 6 · 7:00pm · Red Planet in St. Paul, MN at MetroNOME Brewing · RED PLANET returns to a monthly residency at our new home – Metronome Brewing! Come join us for fun and community o the first Tuesday of each month from 7-9pm. Dean Magraw – guitar Jay Epstein – drums Chris Bates – bass

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