Teaching & Lessons

As a bassist it's important to develop good fundamental musical skills. I've benefited from some great teachers in my life and I try to give my students the most well rounded perspective they can get. If you know my work you know jazz is my specialty, but I have 13 years of classical training and have played professionally for the last 20 years in all styles of music. I have a vast interest in music and listen to everything: world music (afro-pop, reggae, indian, latin etc), jazz, country, metal, rock, funk, folk and classical.

I teach upright and electric bass out of my home in New Hope, MN. Some of the concepts/techniques I teach include fingerboard knowledge, right/left hand connection, sound production, improvisation, metronome games, composition and creative thinking!

I am willing to take any level or age of student as long as you are willing to put in the effort to get better.

In addition to individual lessons I can offer advice to your band or group as a consultant. I come and listen to your rehearsal and offer critical analysis of what I hear. Do you want to deepen the groove in your rhythm section? Improve your soloing? Get tighter as a band? I can help. For an hourly rate I will come and work with your ensemble.

Contact me for rates and availability.

Chris Bates


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Check my youtube channel for many videos of examples of my playing.

photo © Andrea Canter