Space Dust

Red Planet


Dean Magraw – guitar
Jay Epstein – drums
Chris Bates – bass

“Dean Magraw comes out roaring right from the opening notes of John Coltrane’s “Africa,” and his playing is white hot throughout. Even the trio’s quiet numbers have a palpable intensity to them. “We are inspired by the spiritual searchings of John Coltrane,” Magraw states. No wonder.

Magraw has the perfect co-conspirators in bassist Chris Bates and drummer Jay Epstein, jazz all-pros with rock pasts. They know their Coltrane and Parker, as well as their Hendrix and Led Zep. Red Planet is very much a cooperative trio. Bassist Bates contributes two of his strongest original tunes to “Space Dust” — “What My Thought Is” and the lovely vignette “Rarefaction.” And while Magraw gets top billing, the CD is just as much Epstein’s showcase. His mastery of the cymbals is in full flower — he gets more tone color from his mounted metal than any drummer in town.” -Tom Surowicz, StarTribune

  • Recorded by Reid Kruger live at the Artists Quarter and at Waterbury Music 2007-2008.
  • Mixed by Reid Kruger at Waterbury and Steve Wiese and Miles Hanson at Creation Audio 2008, 2009.
  • Mastered by Steve Wiese and Miles Hanson at Creation Audio 2009.
  • Cover art and graphic design by Adrian Suarez
Track List
  1. Africa (Coltrane) 5:34
  2. Little Wing (Hendrix) 3:56
  3. Saturn (Coltrane) 5:03
  4. Keep The Faith (Magraw) 6:17
  5. Rarefaction (Bates) 2:14
  6. Mazar-I-Sharif (Magraw) 9:16
  7. Dawn Star (Magraw) 5:55
  8. What My Thought Is (Bates) 5:32
  9. Space Dust (Magraw, Bates, Epstein) 1:17
  10. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (S. Linda) 8:02
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