Taller Tales

Dean Granros, Zacc Harris, Chris Bates, Jay Epstein

Taller Tales CD cover

Dean Granros – guitar and compositions
Zacc Harris – guitar
Chris Bates – bass
Jay Epstein – drums

After what was supposed to be a one off gig in 2014, with long time trio of Dean Granros, Chris Bates Jay Epstein being joined by a second guitarist, Zacc Harris, an audience member offered to pay for that lineup to record in the studio. In early 2015, the band did just that, spending two days at the Terrarium in Minneapolis, tracking around 15 tunes. Seven of those resulted in the 2015 release TALL TALES. During the months of isolation from the pandemic, Harris tracked down the unreleased takes and mixed and mastered them, resulting in this new release, TALLER TALES. Thanks to Jason Orris of the Terrarium for taking the time to find these tracks in their archives, and to Dylan Nau of Rocket Snake Records for his incredible guidance during the mixing process.

Releases July 28, 2021


Recorded February 2015 at The Terrarium, Minneapolis, MN
Engineered by Rob Oesterlin
Mixed and Mastered by Zacc Harris
Cover Design and Photo by Zacc Harris
All compositions by Dean Granros, except “I Mean You” by Thelonious Monk

Track List
  1. Blue Sparrow
  2. Boats
  3. Miss America 1983
  4. Cowboy Hat
  5. I Mean You
  6. Wingless Transportation
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