June, the Solstice and summer adventures

Greetings everyone – The Bates Update continues to lurch and stumble along in its fragmented, sporadic pace. I get to it when I can as I find it hard to balance all my life activities with promoting myself. Anyway… Jazz Fest just concluded and it was incredible to see so many people out and about…


A quick note

Music is awesome. Music is universal to all cultures. Music is a language that trancends our speaking. Music is the unifying force of our conciousness. Music is a healing force. Music is vibration unfolding in linear time. We are all vibrating. Music = Life. thanks – cb      

Photo © Alex Whitecock

DeBates continues….

Greetings fine people! Thank you to all who came out to the Red Planet with Bill Carrothers CD release event over the last two nights. It was spectacular to see everyone and truly an honor to make music with Dean, Jay and Bill. I’m a lucky guy! If you were not able to get to…


Spring has sprung and the Bates Update moulders onward

Ever so slowly I’ve been getting back towards feeling like writing updates and promoting myself again. It’s a challenge to keep up with my home life, play music at the highest level I can and do all the necessary upkeep on my chaotic freelancing lifestyle. I have to admit I’ve also been weighed down by…


Bates Update: Happy NEW Year from CB

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Welcome my friends to the show that never ends. In light of recent events I’d like to talk about duality for a minute. Two Parties. Love & Hate. Black & White. Cowboys & Indians. Richer or Poorer. Sam & Dave. War & Peace. Lip sync or live? An eye…

Double Bates Basses

FALL(ing) behind at Bates HQ

Well I’m just here working, playing and living life. No excuses other than life is busy and I don’t feel like devoting time to promoting myself when I could be not promoting myself. Family time is precious. Chores are never ending. Music kicks my ass every day. That’s enough to keep me busy. Add in…


UPDATE Doublebates at Jazz Festerooni! OHHH mac vouti!

The Twin Cities Jazz Festival is the highlight of the summer for me! It is a hugely popular outdoor festival held in St Paul with performance stages spread across the city but centered in Mears Park in the vibrant lowertown district. I’ve played many gigs at the festival and every year I get to hear…

JT 'n' CB

Bates Update Vote for Summer

Well, well, well. All right, all right, all right. I’m way behind in the updating of my constituency and I apologize. This is in no way brought on by any one else except myself. So, now that we’ve cleared the air let’s get to it. Lots of things happening this summer and this update takes…

photo by Benny Moreno @2015 Helios Photography

Sorry mates, I’m late, for this important Bates Update

March came in like a Lion in my world. I’m cruising along working on my music and gigs, taking care of my family and household. When BAM – a part time job appears that’s close to my house, fits neatly into my available dad hours and it’s in the music industry. So, apologies true believers…

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Bates Update Feb 2015

Just finished two spectacular days recording with the Bill Simenson Big Band. It has been very satisfying to hear it all coming together so clearly on all these original pieces written by Bill. I’ve been playing with him for over three years now down at Jazz Central and I have to say that the incubation…

photo by Benny Moreno

The Bates Update: Mega Year End Appreciation Edition

It’s been an unprecedented year for feeling totally and completely overwhelmed by human stupidity, ignorance, violence and racism. Without going into any more detail I think we can all agree that our personal choices are the only thing we can actually control in these situations. I find myself engaging with people more directly on these…

photo by Benny Moreno

The Bates Update – Holidaze

  Greetings all! Welcome to winter and the holiday season. It’s a splendid time of year and I hope you all get to spend quality time with your families and loved ones.  Lots on the plate (pun intended) for this month and this first week is a doozy. Here’s the game schedule: Monday Nov 30th…