The Spring of our Discontent

Well all the snow melted. Then it came back. And Old Man Winter laughs as our feeble minds attempt to reconcile.

Indeed discontentedness is prevalent in all aspects of our lives. American politics is a shit show and the polarization of the American populace continues unabated as our so call leaders play teenage games with each other. Corporate greed and moral ambiguity cloud every aspect of decision making. Not one billionaire is prepared to take a stand for more than their personal ROI. Meanwhile back in the trenches of everyday life we worry about our guns, our celebrity hosts, our data plans, our privileges and our discriminations while making sure our OPINIONS are heard louder than anybody else’s. NOT IN MY BACKYARD! Everyone has ALL the answers yet no one can do ANYTHING REAL. HELPFUL. INCLUSIVE.

While it certainly felt good to say that out loud, I do know many people who are making their lives work on a smaller scale, teaching their kids to be decent, respectful people. Making healthy choices. Doing their small part to increase the GOOD in the world. The pendulum swings. Two steps forward, one step back. There are a lot of amazing things happening all around you on a daily basis. Teachers still pour their lives into their students growth. Therapists, counselors and religious leaders still listen and offer guidance, comfort and safe places to speak. Mechanics fix your broken things. Chefs cook incredible food. Doctors heal the sick. Scientists discover new cures, more efficient technologies, safer cars. Artists create new works. Sure, you could see the negative side of any of these. But that is a choice we make every day. What side do we see? If we choose to look at the positive are we blind to the negative? It certainly feels the opposite to me right now – we are so focused on the negative that we’re getting buried by it and can’t see any way out. But then I think of my recently deceased mother Martha, who somehow could turn that stuff on it’s head. Spin you around and send you back out in the world with renewed focus, clarity of vision and a positive attitude. Thanks mom. I’m trying to live up to your level everyday. Thankfully, if I allow myself to be quiet for a few seconds, I feel you right here with me, not judging, just supporting and guiding me along. Real. Helpful. Inclusive.

Music is the healing power of the universe – because it’s vibration – and we’re all vibrating.

Friday April 6th  8pm  $10  All Ages

Donnie Norton Quartet @ Jazz Central presented by Illicit Jazz Workshop. Donnie Norton plays saxophone. Zacc Harris plays guitar. Miguel Hurtado plays drums. CB on bass. Originals and standards. Solid.

Saturday April 7th  7pm  FREE  All Ages

Peter Schimke Kenny Horst Chris Bates @ The Lexington. Music from 7-11:30. Cocktails and fine dining.

Wednesday April 11th  8:30pm  $10  All Ages

Chris Bates Thomas Nordlund Pete James Johnson @ Jazz Central. RED3 plays some of the music of RED5 in a trio format and some other original music as well. Explorations occur every Wednesday at Jazz Central.

Friday April 13th  8pm  $10  All Ages

Good Vibes Trio @ Jazz Central presented by Illicit Jazz Workshop. Highly energetic and full of positive vibe-rations! Phil Hey, Chris Bates and Dave Hagedorn always bring the Good Vibes! VIDEO!

Saturday April 14th  7pm  $10  All Ages

Mary Louise Knutson Trio @ St. Barnabas Lutheran Church. Mary Louise is a gifted and super swinging pianist. Phil Hey and CB will round out the rhythm tandem for this early evening show!

Sunday April 15th  11am  FREE  All Ages

The Dollys @ Icehouse – Brunch has never been never been sweeter with these three ladies singing harmony!

A special presentation of two shows on Sunday & Monday April 15th & 16th  

Andrew Green JC Sanford Chris Bates @ Imminent Brewing in Northfield. Sunday 4/15  5pm  FREE  All Ages                         Andrew Green JC Sanford Chris Bates Chris Thomson @ Icehouse. Monday 4/16  9:30pm  $10  21+

Chamber Jazz Standards with no drums. Andrew is a NYC based guitarist whose latest album features the NOtet – a drummer less chamber band. Come check it out.

Tuesday April 17th  8pm  $10  All Ages

Red Planet @ Vieux Carre. The mighty planet swings thru St Paul and down to our old haunt where we made a record and played MANY shows. The vibe will be mighty and the music will be deep and open hearted. Coltrane, Monk, Jimi and many other righteous heroes will be represented! Dean Magraw Jay Epstein and CB. RED PLANET!

Saturday April 21st  8:30pm  $10  All Ages

Chris Bates RED5 @ Black Dog. Curator, trumpeter, and all around good chap Steve Kenny has been a huge supporter of my projects and I can’t thank him enough for all that he does at the Black Dog, Jazz Central and elsewhere! I’m excited to bring my all original project RED5 back to Saturday Night Jazz at the Black Dog once again. We’ll be playing all the hits from our album New Hope and the newer pieces I’ve been adding to the repertoire. With titles like the Higgs Boson-Ova and Crop Circles, it’s always an adventure. We do or do not try to be mindful of the living force and unlearn what we have learned in rehearsal. Tonight’s lineup is stellar – Tom Nordlund guitar, Chris Thomson and Brandon Wozniak saxes, Jake Baldwin trumpet, JC Sanford trombone and our newest rebel recruit Pete James Johnson on drums.

Sunday April 29th  7pm  $10  All Ages

Soul Cafe @ Hennepin Ave United Methodist. I’ve been a part of this group for about a year now and it just keeps getting better! We take a key word and pick repertoire and poetry based on that and construct a concert from it. This spring our theme is Exuberance! Soul Cafe is Steve Blons on guitar, Brad Holden on sax, Steven Hobert on piano and CB on bass.

OK that’s all for now. I’m sure you’ll see more promo from me this month because – RED5! Please come to a show. Check out those links above. Buy some music. Support your friends and colleagues in whatever they do.

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Thanks for listening – cb

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