December Bates Update

Well it’s finally arriving tonight – winter. We’ll see how long it lasts this year. Hopefully I’ll get some deep stuff out of my head and onto a hard drive or a piece of manuscript paper. After that then it has a chance to get to you so you can hear it too! Trust me you don’t want to be up in my head these days; but I can imagine that many of us are feeling bewildered and anxious as we seemingly slip backwards in time and forward into a prescribed dystopia. Was that out loud?!?! Dang it. Sorry. Let’s change the subject….

NEW MUSIC coming out on Wednesday Dec 6th!

The Laura Caviani trio releases ‘Confluence’ in the Dunsmore Room at Crooner’s Lounge!  7:30pm  $15  All Ages

Laura Caviani – piano, Chris Bates – bass, Dave Schmalenberger – drums will play music from the new CD ‘Confluence’ which features original music and a few choice standards. The centerpiece of the album is a suite of 5 pieces influenced by William Shakespeare. This trio has had a marvelous year growing and recording and releasing two albums! Come and enjoy the interplay and intricacy in the intimacy of the Dunsmore Room.

Tickets available thru the link above.

Saturday Dec 9th   Chillkoot Cafe and Cyclery (Stillwater) 6pm  Free!!!

Luke Polipnick, Cory Healey, Chris Bates in trio. Three friends making music together. Standards and other nuggets.

Wednesday Dec 13th  Jazz Central Studios  8:30pm  $10 donation  All Ages

Chris Bates’ Acoustic Concussion w/ Jt Bates – drums, Brad Holden – alto sax, Javier Santiago – piano

I’ve recently reunited with Brad (we played a bunch in the 90’s) and we are excited to present some great music for you. Lee Konitz, Ornette Coleman, Sam Rivers and other icons of modernity!

Saturday December 16th  Black Dog Cafe  8:30pm   $15   All Ages

Inatnas Orchestra: The music of Asuka Kakitani & JC Sanford

Saturday Night Jazz at the Black Dog presents a big band for the first time ever! JC and Asuka moved here from NYC in the summer of 2016 after working in NYC for many years developing small and large ensembles and helping to cultivate and curate the modern jazz big band revival there. Needless to say they have immediately made an impact on the jazz landscape of the Twin Cities. Come and hear why as they debut the Inatnas Orchestra dedicated to performing their compositions. The band is a collection of stellar musicians: Dave Hagedorn, Javier Santiago, Chris Bates, Jt Bates, Joe Mayo, Pete Whitman, Dave Milne, Brian Handeland, Aaron Hedenstrom, Pete Davis, Jake Baldwin, Riley Helgeson, Dave Stamps, Ben Bussey, Matt Plummer, JC Sanford and conductor Asuka Kakitani. Also with very special guest from NYC/MKE/CHI RUSS JOHNSON on trumpet! Not to be missed!!!

Sunday December 17th   Imminent Brewing (Northfield)  5pm  FREE

JC Sanford w/ Russ Johnson, Jt Bates, Chris Bates

We absolutely had to play a small group gig with Russ because it would be  a crime against creativity to not play with him when he is in town. Please join us in Northfield for a couple of sets of improvised magic!

More to come this month but I’ll save it for later. Please come on out to hear music when ever you can. It really helps keep you sane!!! As usual you can keep up with my gig schedule at or take a listen to several albums I’ve been involved in at my band camp site.