Bates Update – January 2018

Big things being planned and executed for this year! Very smart people are involved, the smartest! No sad music will be played, only the best! We’ll break down the walls. Trust the Bates! XOXO


Monday January 15th  7-9pm  ALL AGES  $10 donation

RED PLANET @ BLACK DOG with Dean Magraw and Jay Epstein. Our monthly residency continues with glorious sound and spectacular humanity!

Monday January 15th  9:30pm  21+  $10 cover

ATLANTIS QUARTET @ ICEHOUSE We are happy to be playing for you and we’ll be all fired up as we head into the studio to record our 5th record at the end of the month! Brandon Wozniak, Zacc Harris, Pete Hennig and CB.

Wednesday January 17th  8:30pm  All Ages  $10 donation

Elaine Burt and KWSB @ Jazz Central – Elaine is a fantastic trumpeter and recent transplant from NYC. Come and support a fresh new voice! Elaine Burt – trumpet, Pete Whitman – sax, Mary Louise Knutson – piano, Max Santiago – drums, CB – bass.

Friday January 19th  9:00pm  All Ages  $12 cover

Aaron Hedenstrom Quintet @ Dunsmore Room – Aaron is a fantastic saxophonist and composer. He’ll be joined by Zacc Harris – guitar, Ted Godbout – piano, Pete James Johnson – drums and CB – bass.

Saturday January 20th  8:30pm  All Ages  $10 donation

Zacc Harris Group @ Black Dog – Prolific gigger and promoter of the best and brightest in the twin towns. This group has wonderful chemistry and panache! Zacc Harris – guitar, Bryan Nichols – piano, JT Bates – drums, CB – bass.

Sunday January 21st  6:30pm  All Ages  $10 cover

Sam Militich Group @ Dunsmore Room Tribute to Django with Sam Militich – guitar, Gary Schulte – violin, Jay Epstein drums, CB – bass

Friday January 26th  9:00pm  All Ages  $12 cover

Jeremy Siskind trio @ Dunsmore Room Jeremy is a NYC based pianist with a beautiful touch who has worked with many of the top vocalists in the world. Here we will play trio and plumb the depths of the American Songbook. Join Jeremy at the piano with JT and Chris Bates in the rhythm section.

Saturday January 27th  7:30pm  All Ages  $10 cover

Zacc Harris trio plays the Leigh Kamman event tonight at Jazz Central. Zacc, Pete and CB!

Monday February 5th  9:30pm  21+  $12 cover

Chris Bates’ RED 5 – My 7 piece band returns to the Icehouse! Very excited to bring this band back to this venue and to present my music to you. CB – basses, JT – drums, Thomas Nordlund – guitar, Brandon Wozniak – sax, Chris Thomson – sax, Jake Baldwin – trumpet and JC Sanford – trombone.

Remember, Live music makes it happen! The clothes make the man, Come to where the flavor is. Avoid the Noid. Wherever you go there you are !

love, peace and chicken grease! cb