Working, Working on a Building

Sometimes you have to break hard left or right to avoid the onslaught of normalcy. Stagnation is death, but so often it’s a slow, grinding, morbidly self inflicted death. Living in the shadows of your own stench. Rotting under the weight of creative needs and desires. Like a glacial tsunami it overtakes you in ways you don’t even perceive until you are left with only the scraps of your once rich and abundant art.

This summer I needed to spark change. I have some serious, long overdue work to do in my music making. It requires inner silence and TIME. Not exactly the kind of stuff that 40 something Dad’s have available to them. Outwardly (in our social media glut) it may seem to be beautiful and fruitful but inside all I see is the war rig bearing down on me. So I pulled back hard on the brake and separated the proverbial chaff from fodder. I’m a couple of months into it. It’s not over by any stretch of the imagination (the practicing is NOT done) but I saw some signs recently that make me aware of the power of the decisions we make and the results that can occur when we are intentional in our choices. It’s not pretty living in this mind of mine. It’s probably not that pretty in yours either but here we are – Living. So let’s LIVE DAMNIT!


Thanks to Bill Carrothers and Jay Epstein for the recent affirmations and to Zacc Harris, Brandon Wozniak, Pete Hennig, Phil Hey, Dave Hagedorn, JT Bates, Bryan Nichols, Jake Baldwin and Cory Healey for the continued aforementioned affirmations.


Chris 05