The Bates Update – Late September, 2014

The Bates Update – Late September, 2014.

What’s on my mind, you ask? Death. Death is on my mind. It has been a seemingly unprecedented year for it. From celebrities and dignitaries to the innocent deaths of thousands around the world from natural and political disasters, death is everywhere. Maybe I’m just paying more attention to it this year or it could be because our natural season of death (fall) is around the corner; but for whatever reason I seem to be more attuned to the energy of death at this time. Some of my favorite musical heroes have passed in the last few years. Paul Motian, Butch Morris, JJ Cale, Jean-Jaques Avenel, Kenny Wheeler, Joe Sample, Idris Muhammed, Butch Warren, U. Shrinivas and many more.  This list is longer than I want it to be and I’ve left off one name that 2 months later is still hard to type – Charlie Haden.  

Each of these amazingly bright and creative lights have gone out. Dead. Shuffled off the mortal coil. What is left of their being can only be referenced through our personal memories and the documents they left behind. All of these people lived their lives to the fullest extent their creativity would allow and were fortunate enough to leave it all on the table for us to experience. It proves the old adage that ‘history is in favor of those who leave records’. Without all the recordings we would only be left with our personal memories. Until they invent a way to stream my brain feed to a TV, you guys will never get to hear some of the great music I’ve heard and seen by little-known geniuses like The Panda Resistance from Tulsa or Timothee Le Net Quartet from France. On a bigger scale there is the absolutely mind altering concert by King Crimson I just saw a couple of days ago in Madison, WI where they barred all cell phone, camera and recording devices. There was even a pre-show announcement about using your personal ‘viddie’ (aka brain) to record the show and play it back anytime you like. Brilliant!

I believe that every one of us who chooses to put some art into the world ultimately contributes to the overall intelligence and growth of the human spirit. Each of these deceased heroes certainly had personal demons and societal adversity (to put it mildly) that could have derailed their paths. Yet they persevered and made their mark. I choose to be inspired by these people. To acknowledge the mark they were leaving. To try and follow in the paths of the masters with the intention of perpetuating the same ideals and beliefs. In doing so I’m choosing to perpetuate the energy they put into the world. I choose beauty and intelligence. I choose sensitivity and open mindedness. I choose creativity and positivity. That’s what I’ve gained from these creative touchstones. I hope I’m living up to these lofty ideals. Come out and hear for yourself!


TONIGHT!!!! Friday Sept 26th   7:30pm   $10   All Ages

Adam Meckler Orchestra CD RELEASE Party!

Come and hear one of the most exciting large groups in the midwest. Adam has grown so much as a composer and improvisor since I first met him and I think this band will surprise you. Wait a sec, that’s jazz??!?! This concert is the culmination of several years of hard work from Adam everyone involved in his group. Come and support a truly unique and exciting group!

MacPhail Center for Music

Saturday Sept 27th   10:30pm   $8   21+

Luke Zimmerman ‘Heyday for the Naysayers’ CD Release Party! Luke is a great songwriter who has ties to one of Minnesota’s greatest music exports. Take a listen and I’ll bet you can guess who. The band for tonight is full of brotherly love – Benson and Alex Ramsey & Chris and JT Bates. It’ s going to be really fun! Fathom Lane plays after us. 

Icehouse Mpls

Monday Sept 29th   9:30pm   $8   21+

Framework invites Pete Whitman. We’ll be playing a bunch of music from across the jazz spectrum and a heavy dose of originals to boot! Chris Olson – gtr, Jay Epstein – dr, Pete Whitman – sax, CB – bass. 

Icehouse Mpls

Tuesday Sept 30th   7:30pm   $10 Donation   All Ages

Shifting Paradigm Records is the new record label started by Zacc Harris whose purpose is to create a new visibility and outlet for the jazz music scene here in Mpls. Tonight we’ll celebrate the release of new albums by the Adam Meckler Orchestra and Courageous Endeavors. Zacc Harris, Bryan Nichols, Nelson Devereaux and the Bates Brothers will play music for you!

Black Dog Cafe

Friday Oct 3rd   8pm   $10-20 donation   All Ages

A rare and exciting chance to catch Bates Squared. Chris and Jt will play a duo show in the intimate and lofty Sweet 317. This has only happened 2 other times. Don’t sleep on this one.

Sweet 317

photoCB, Jt, Zacc and Bryan @ Black Dog 2011

Wednesday Oct 8th   8:30pm   $10 donation   All Ages

Peter Schimke, Chris Bates and Cory Healy trio. Peter and I have played together for many years. We’re striking out in search of new adventures tonight with Cory Healy. 

Jazz Central

Saturday Oct 11th   7:30pm   $10 Donation   All Ages

Zacc Harris Group plays ‘Saturday Night Jazz at the Black Dog’. This is a new series going on every Saturday and curated by Steve Kenny. It features the top groups making improvised music in the cities. Zacc, Bryan, Jt & CB. 

Black Dog Cafe

Friday Oct 17th   10:30pm   $10   21+

Pushing Chain CD Release Party! Come celebrate the release of a truly exceptional country album made right here in MN. Boyd Blomberg sings and plays guitar. Adam Moe sings and plays violin. Jt & CB round out the rhythm. Really fun music!

Icehouse Mpls

Sunday Oct 19th   6pm   $10 Donation   All Ages

I’m very excited to be playing with Pat Moriarty, Ellen Lease and NYC saxophonist Michael Attias! This is going to be a super cool experience in chamber jazz. No drums means lots of soundscapes and interactive playing! 

Black Dog Cafe

Monday Oct 20th   9:30pm   $8   21+

Fall of the House of Usher returns to the Icehouse. Elegantly-medicated-Slip-Sync groovitude. 

Chris Cunningham, Greg Schutte, Nathan Hanson, Nelson Devereaux, Elliot Wachs, Adrian Larkin, Jon Davis, Ivan Cunningham, Greg Reese and CB. 

Icehouse Mpls

Saturday Oct 25th   7:30   Donation   All Ages

Steve Kenny Quartet – Steve Kenny – tpt, Brandon Wozniak – sax, CB & Jt. 

Black Dog Cafe

Monday Oct 27th   9:30pm   $8   21+

Zacc Harris Group plays Jt’s Jazz Implosion at Icehouse. Zacc, Bryan, Jt & CB.

Icehouse Mpls

As always please come up and say hello if you are out at a gig! I love to talk with strangers and friends as well as strange friends. Keep on trucking all you crazy humans! -cb