The Bates Update – Full Circle

This month’s Bates update is a little more loose than some of my others. I usually edit down these newsletters quite heavily in order to bring you the most concise and direct show info. But I liked the way this more conversational approach sounded so I’m leaving it. Let me know if you like it or would prefer the more professional version by sending me feedback at This whole update is posted over there with room for comments.

Last Sunday night I stood talking with Craig Taborn at the Dakota. He was in town playing with Dave Holland, Kevin Eubanks and Eric Harland in Dave’s new band Prism. Craig and I used to play in a Jay Epstein led project back in the mid 90’s called ‘Chemistry Lab’ and we have remained friends ever since. I consider him one of the true young masters of jazz and improvised music and it is always so great to catch up with him since he is living the dream and traveling the world playing music with some of the most innovative musicians performing today. Please check out Craig if you can. He has a brilliant trio album out on ECM called Chants.

Well, as Craig and I were talking in walks Anthony Cox who as many of you know was one of my teachers, now friends, and a huge influence on me. Craig and Anthony hadn’t seen each other in forever and it was a really nice moment seeing these two reconnect. There are few things I enjoy more in life than connecting, or reconnecting, with people from my past. I love reunions!

We all enjoyed a spectacular set of music from Dave’s new band Prism. Prism has an incredible creative energy that harkens back to the late 60’s and early 70’s jazz and rock combination we commonly call ‘fusion’ now. Not the over the top, chops for days, run on sentence style of fusion but the other kind. Music with a dialogue. Chances being taken. Experimentation being rewarded. The music unfolding unpredictably with ebullient results. Dave Holland was there at the start of this music and now he’s bringing it full circle with Prism.

Incidentally, Dave Holland is also a huge influence on my playing and some of his teaching methods and exercises were passed on to me by Anthony, who briefly studied with Dave in the early 80’s when he moved to NYC. While I’ve never studied with Dave I feel like I got a lot of the same information from Anthony and through that I was able to connect and dissect music more deeply which has led to my music reflecting those values. A lineage, if you will, from master to student.

So we finally come to my favorite part of the evening. I mentioned I love reunions right?

Dave Holland, Anthony Cox and little old me standing around talking about music. The post gig energy of inspiration and satisfaction in the air. Raw and palatable like a great meal lingering on your taste buds. It was magical to be in the presence of these two huge influences on my playing, and to know that they were reconnecting in a way they hadn’t in some time was truly a moment to savor. I have such a strong connection to my own music from the influence of Dave and Anthony that I felt like I was dreaming. I am so happy that I got to be in the same space as these two masters at the same time. I will always remember that evening.

I want to make some memories with you, humble reader, and so I kindly ask you to read on and see what is in store for this month in THE BATES UPDATE.


Friday and Saturday 10/4 & 10/5   9pm   $12   All Ages welcome

ATLANTIS QUARTET ‘EXPANSION’ CD release party! @ Artists Quarter

Atlantis Quartet has been one of my main projects for the last 5 years. We have so much fun playing together and it just keeps getting better. I am really proud of our new album Expansion. It has a great mixture of tunes on it and reflects our ever growing interests in fusing modern jazz with modern popular music in all forms. We are looking forward to a big push in 2014 with this new album. Come on out and get a copy of the new CD and a limited edition T-Shirt. We hope you can join us. V-Lo’s Taco’s on Friday!

Wednesday 10/8   9pm   $5-10 donation   All Ages


For the October edition of Magica Improvisado I’ll be playing a solo bass concert.

One set only. A mixture of Double Bass and Electric Bass with electronics. It has been several years since I played solo, but I’ve been practicing for this so don’t fret(less).


Saturday 10/12   7pm   $10   All Ages


In addition to our CD release Atlantis will be playing a concert at Studio Z. We’ll do a workshop on odd meters in jazz starting at 6pm. Then a concert at 7pm. Another chance to hear this great band in an intimate setting and pick up our new CD.


Monday 10/14   9:30pm   $8   21+


9:30pm: Red 5 will be back in action on 10/14. Feat: Jt Bates, Chris Thomson, Zack Lozier and Nelson Devereaux.

11:00pm: Fall of the House of Usher is a world music inspired horn band feat: Chris Cunningham, Chris Thomson, Elliot Wachs, Adrian Larkin, Jon Davis and Greg Schutte.

Come on out for this special double bill of horniness? HAHA. This will be a really fun night. Original and inspired music. Plus a limited edition Red 5 T-shirt will be on sale!

Tuesday 10/22   9:00pm   $5   All Ages

FRAMEWORK @ Artists Quarter

Chris Olson, Jay Epstein and I have been making music for over 15 years. We always have a great time playing. We’ll be playing many originals and some Bach to prepare for our annual collaboration with the Bach Society. V-Lo’s Taco’s too!!!

Tuesday 10/29   9:00pm $10   All Ages

ADAM MECKLER ORCHESTRA @ Artists Quarter – Come hear the AMO. Super Bad!

All the best to all of you in October! Hope to see you at a show!