The Bates Update – February 2015

Working hard on so many projects right now. The Jason Melek memorial I wrote about last month is moving right along and continues to reward us all with unexpected niceties. Dean Granros’ Tall Tales is recording this week for a new album to be released later this year on Shifting Paradigm Records. Enormous and Framework are both working on new material and planning recordings. Red Planet is back in action this month as is Red 5 and Leisure Valley. I’m also very happy to announce that I’m co-writing the music for the next KBEM Jazz Noir Radio Drama with Steven Hobert and Soloman Parham. That work will be performed at the Dakota on Sunday April 26th, so mark your calendars for that one, it’s going to be quite special. Not much more to say so check out the listings below for details and personnel for this months gig-o-rama.

I look forward to seeing you out and about this month!

Tues. Feb. 10th:  7:30pm  $10 donation  All Ages

Framework @ the Black Dog

Long time running with Chris Olson and Jay Epstein.

Wed. Feb. 11th:  8:30pm  $10 donation  All Ages

Chris Bates Magica Improvisada @ Jazz Central

PKD w/ George Cartwright & Jt Bates

I’ve been intrigued and inspired by George Cartwright for a long long time. I’m excited to be playing with him for the first time. Plus, guys, JT Bates.

Thurs. Feb. 12th:  6pm  FREE  All Ages

Axis Mundi @ Hell’s Kitchen

Glen Helgeson, Dave Stanoch, Gary Schulte & CB playing music from across the globe.


Game One: Studio Z – 7:30pm  $10  All Ages

Jason Squinobal Quartet w/ Dave Hagedorn, Cory Healey and CB.

Really exquisite original songs from Jason who is the jazz studies prof. at UofM Morris.

Game Two: Icehouse – 10:30pm  $8  21+

Fall of the House of Usher- This juggernaut of post-modernity is back at it.

Chris Cunningham, Greg Schutte, Elliot Wachs, Cole Pulice, Adrian Larkin, Nathan Hanson, Ivan Cunningham, Adam Svec and America’s Jon Davis.

Mon. Feb 16th:  9:30pm  $8  21+

Icehouse & Jazz Implosion present:

Enormous Quartet @ Icehouse

Christopher Michael Thomson, Jacob Park Evans, Joey Van Phillips & Christopher John Bates.

Thurs. Feb. 19th:  7pm  $15  All Ages

Realphonic Radio Hour Presents:

Shannon McNally w/ Red Planet

I see red, not blue! Red Planet will be opening up for the beautiful Shannon McNally bringing our exploratorium to the James J. Hill Library! Click the link for info.


Shifting Paradigm Records Jazz Fest @ Studio Z

Game One:  5pm  Nichols/Bates/Bates

Game Two:  6pm  Atlantis Quartet

Game Three:   8:30pm Good Vibes Trio plays: Saturday Night Jazz @ Black Dog

This is a VERY BIG day celebrating all the stupendous talent in our improvising community.

Mon. Feb 23rd:  9:30pm  $10  21+

Icehouse & Jazz Implosion present:

Chris Bates’ Red 5 & Cory Healey’s Beautiful Happy Sunshine Band

Two super groups + Icehouse + you = Bitchin’ good time.

Wed. Feb 25th:  7pm  FREE

Leisure Valley @ Cafe Maude

Bruce Thornton, Patrick Harison, JVP & CB

Fri. Feb 27th:  7:30pm  $10 donation  All Ages

Jazz Central’s Bridge Series

A new quartet featuring: Zacc Harris, Javi Santiago, Miguel Hurtado & CB

Sat. Feb. 28th:  8:30pm  $10 donation  All Ages

Zacc Harris Quartet @ Black Dog w/ Bryan Nichols, JT & CB

Thanks for listening!  CB