July – wha happen?

Well I failed this month to get up some promo for my gigs here on my website. However I now have updated the calendar through the end of the year with what is going on. There will of course be more as the schedule fills in.

IN the important news category there are several things happening that deserve some attention:

1. Jeremy Walker’s Benefit show is happening this Thursday 7/25 at the Dakota. Special guests Ted Nash and David Berkman. Both are NYC based jazz artists with serious credentials. Please consider attending this show to help Jeremy with much needed funds to continue his treatment for Lyme Disease. The music is going to be off the charts because after Boot Camp (Wozniak, Hurtado, CB and Bryan Nichols) plays with Berkman and Nash you get to hear Anthony Cox and the Happy Spirits (Peter Schimke, Solomon Parham and Kevin Washington). These guys throw down and I’m sure there will be much rejoicing. Come and celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit or art and help Jeremy out in the process! http://www.dakotacooks.com/event/jeremy-walker-benefit-bash/

2. I’m going on a quick tour over to Liviou, Bretagne, FR to continue building up an audience for the Tony Hymas trio (feat the Bates Brothers) from Aug 7-12. We are playing a trio set with the astoundingly iconic free jazz saxophonist Evan Parker!!! Needless to say that will be fun and exciting. We will also be collaborating with Jacky Molard and Helene Labarriere in some sort of improvisational setting. Bretagne is an amazing area of France that was originally part of the 7 tribes of England way way way way back in time. I always learn new things when I travel – this time should be no different. http://www.livioufestival.com/

3. On August 14 I’ll be welcoming NYC based pianist and Hopkins, MN native Jesse Stacken to Jazz Central for a very special show. Jesse does not visit very often as his home base is NYC so I’m expecting a bunch of family and friends to be on hand for this performance. Jesse will play a solo piano set and then Anthony Cox and I will play bass duets. www.jessestacken.com

4. Red 5 makes a return engagement to the Artists Quarter the weekend of August 16 and 17. This is the band that plays all the music from my debut album ‘New Hope’. I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support this band has received this past year. I never thought my music could affect so many people but it has and it continues to grow.  I’m currently writing new material for that gig and looking forward to trying to make another album with these guys in 2014.

Being an artist in this age certainly poses it’s challenges and I couldn’t do this without the support I have from my family and friends and fans. I thank you and I hope to see you at a show. If you do come out please say HI! I won’t bite!!!

While you are here check out the website and pick up a copy of my album if you haven’t yet.

Viva Musica!!! cb