Greetings and salutations all you true believers (no matter what you believe in)!

It has been a fantastic year from a learning, growing, and playing perspective. Every gig has allowed me to explore new avenues of musical expression, fresh compositional approaches and the intricacies human interactions. On the home front my Dad, my brothers, my wife, kids, and all my extended family members are healthy and doing well! Can’t ask for much more than that, so on with the update…

There are just a few more public gigs this year. I hope you’ll consider catching one of these shows and saying hello!

Monday 12/16   Red Planet   Black Dog  $10/Donation   All Ages  7 pm

My friendship and musical companionship grows ever deeper with Dean Magraw and Jay Epstein. Come join us for our regular 3rd Monday at the Black Dog. We’ve got some new Coltrane tunes cued up for you along with the usual Monk, Hendrix, Strayhorn, Ellington and original fare. This band exudes vibe and emotional impact every month. Tie your holidays off with a Red Planet bow!

Tuesday 12/17  Laura Caviani Trio  Crooners Lounge  $15 TICKETS  All Ages  7:30 pm

Laura Caviani, Dave Schmalenberger and I have been forging a trio relationship for several years now and tonight we’ll present our annual Solstice with the Mostest concert in the Dunsmore Room and Crooners. Tons of holiday faves and Monk and originals. 

Saturday 12/21  Zacc Harris Group  Black Dog  $10  All Ages 9 pm

Zacc Harris, JT and Chris Bates with special guest Javier Santiago on piano and John Raymond sitting in on a few tunes. In my last public gig of the year I’m excited to be playing with Zacc and my brother and some really good friends in Javier and John. Saturday Night Jazz at the Black Dog has been running strong for almost 6 years now! Much thanks to Steve Kenny and Sara Remke for providing a much-needed space and outlet for the original jazz music I’m so fortunate to play.

Atlantis Quartet: Zacc Harris, Brandon Wozniak, CB, Pete Hennig
Anew Quartet: Jay Epstein, CB, Peter Goggin, Patrick Adkins
Colossus: Clay Pufal, Joey Van Phillips, CB, Park Evans
Red Planet: Dean Magraw, CB, Jay Epstein – photo by Steven Peterson
Scophiles: CB, Pete Hennig, Karl Koopman
CB Red 5: CB, Brandon Wozniak, Chris Thomson. JT Bates, JC Sanford, Jake Baldwin, Thomas Nordlund

The Holiday season is a special time for gathering and expressing our sense of gratitude, and for spreading the joy of life. Remember – everyone is experiencing life from a different point of view. Show compassion and tolerance in all your actions and words! I just want to thank all of you personally for tuning in to the Bates Update and supporting creative endeavors in the Twin Cities. It is truly appreciated! I want to wish all of you Happy Holidays and nothing but the best in 2020!