Genuine Jazz In July!

I’m definitely stealing that headline from some place I played at in the ’90’s. After a busy June filled with plenty of teaching, flying, general airport chaos, playing and even relaxing for a few days with family it looks like July is, dare I say, ‘heating up’, with some real fine music! Come on feel the jazz noise!

Wednesday July 10th at 8:30pm.

Chris Bates presents:

Anew QuartetJazz Central
CB on bass
Jay Epstein on drums
Peter Goggin on saxophone 
Patrick Adkins on piano

This is a ‘first meeting’ for this combination of players and we are all super excited about it! You should be too! 
Please join us for great music and camaraderie!

Peter Goggin, Patrick Adkins, Jay Epstein, CB = Anew Quartet

Friday July 12th– Zacc Harris, Phil Hey and CB play IcehouseDinner 6:30 – 9:30

Saturday July 13th– Dean Granros, Dave Power and CB play IcehouseDinner 6:30

Monday July 15th at 8:30 pm

Chris Graham trioJazz Central

Monday Night Featured Artist at Jazz Central
Chris Graham – guitar
CB – bass
Mac Santiago – drums

Jamm Session follows our set!

Tuesday July 16th @ Crooner’s 

Sam Miltich w/ Charmin Michelle

Fans of the straight ahead and sublime unpinnings of these graceful artists should click thru for tickets!

Sam Miltich – guitar
Charmin Michelle – vocals
Jay Epstein – drums
CB – bass

Friday July 19th – CB trio w/ JT Bates and Thomas Nordlund play IcehouseDinner 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Saturday July 20th@ Chateau St. Croix Vineyards
Chateau Jazz Festival
5:30 pm Zacc Harris Group 

Sunday July 21st @ Crooner’s

Inatnas Orchestra
This is a truly remarkable large ensemble that features a spectacular line up playing the music of Asuka Kakatani and JC Sanford. pLease click thru the Crooner’s link for tickets. 

Composer/Conductor: Asuka Kakitani

Composer/Trombone: JC Sanford

Saxophones: Bruce Thornton, Stephanie Wieseler, Pete Whitman, Joe Mayo, Brian Handeland

Trumpets: Pete Davis, Tom Krochock, Geoff Senn, Jake Baldwin

Trombones: Pete Enblom, Dave Stamps, Josh Becker

Vibraphone: Dave Hagedorn

Piano: Ted Godbout

Bass: Chris Bates

Drums: JT Bates

Voice: Carrie Shaw

Thursday July 25th– JC Sanford trio @ Imminent Brewing7:00 pm
JC Sanford – trombone
Lars Erik Larson – drums
CB – bass

Bros loading in at Jazz Festival! Photo by Steve Kenny.