Bates Update Feb 2015

Just finished two spectacular days recording with the Bill Simenson Big Band. It has been very satisfying to hear it all coming together so clearly on all these original pieces written by Bill. I’ve been playing with him for over three years now down at Jazz Central and I have to say that the incubation process we’ve had at our disposal has been invaluable to the development of the music. Some things are just way better when you wait for them. The band plays at Jazz Central on the first Tuesday of every month. Unfortunately I’m going to be playing at a different venue this coming Tuesday but I’ll be back with Bill’s band next month and I’ll be at JC next week with my newly incubating trio. There is a ton of music happening 5 nights a week down at Jazz Central so get out there and check it out!

In other news one of my favorite groups that has been on the backburner for a hot minute, Leisure Valley, is going to be recording an album in early March! Bruce Thornton is a rediculously good clarinetist and he has put together a new batch of originals for us to sink our teeth into. Patrick Harison will grace us with his accordion stylings and my compadre Joey Van Phillips will be making his imminent return to drumming after the recent birth of his son! Truly an occasion for taking a trip to Leisure Valley!

In other other news the Shifting Paradigm Jazz Festival is coming up at the end of this month and it will be featuring a disgustingly good lineup of the top improvisors in the Twin Cities including Dean Granros, Dean Magraw, Bryan Nichols, Jt Bates, Adam Meckler and a bunch of other folks. Keep your eyes peeled for the full lineup over at

Hope to see you at a show. I’ve got some very exciting things in the works so stay in touch!

Tuesday Feb 2nd  7-10pm  FREE  ALL AGES

X-tet at Crooner’s – Pete Whitman, Laura Caviani, Dave Karr, Dave Milne, Jeff Rinear, Adam Meckler, Adam Rossmiller, Dave Hagedorn, Phil Hey and CB. This 10 piece juggernaut of post modernity will knock your socks off!

Wednesday Feb 10th  8:30pm  $10  ALL AGES

Magica Improvisada @ Jazz Central – The second installment of the Inventions and Dimensions trio featuring Joe Strachan, Matt Buckner and CB. We’re writing and working out all new music for you to enjoy right in front of your eyes. Come and check it out. We’ll be recording and posting this new stuff after our March performance.

Here’s a fresh sample!

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Saturday Feb 13th  7-10:30pm $10  ALL AGES

Jazz Word Jazz @ Saturday Night Jazz at the Black Dog – this is a very special show featuring live improvisation and poetry. The band consists of CB, Nathan Hanson, Greg Schutte, Steve Kenny and Will Jensen. The poets are Jim Larson, Amy Nash and Richard Broderick. We did a smaller version of this in 2014 with Jim Larson to great success and we’re expanding it to three poets this year to allow us to stretch out more. Here’s the FB event.


[kad_youtube url=”” ]


Monday Feb 15th  9:30pm  $8  21+

Wayne Shorter’s Speak No Evil @ Icehouse – Wayne is truly a masterful genius and we’ll celebrate his music by playing his classic album Speak No Evil in it’s entirety! Adam Nussbaum drums (no not the NYC guy but this guy’s good too!), Ted Godbout piano, Jake Baldwin trumpet, Michael Shults saxophone and CB.

Friday Feb 26th  8-9:30pm  21+

I’ll be joining the chamber ensemble Skelton Crew at their showcase for a performance of Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece ‘In C’ at THE BLACK FOREST! FB event and details

Saturday Feb 27th  4-9pm  $10 advance $15 at the door  ALL AGES

Shifting Paradigm Jazz Festival @ Studio Z: Dean Magraw’s Red Planet, Jt Bates solo, Adam Meckler Quintet, Bryan Nichols solo, Dean Granros’ Tall Tales. I’ll be holding court with both the Dean’s of guitar. Info in the link. This will be such an inspiring event featuring some of the true heroes of this scene!

Monday Feb 29th  9:30pm  $8  21+

Leisure Valley @ Icehouse – It’s leap year and it’s technically the only day we can let regular citizens into the Valley due to our strict immigration laws. JUST KIDDING! Come on down and enjoy Bruce Thornton on clarinets, Patrick Harison on accordion, Joey Van Phillips on drums and CB.

have a splendid February everyone!

PS – there are 4 of every day this month. That only occurs once every 823 years. #cobrafact