All About that Bates Update!!!

It seems fitting to reference All About That Bass as I just returned from the International Society of Bassists Bi-Annual convention in Ft. Collins, CO. Talk about BASS LOVE! It was a total blast to see, hear, play and hang with so many diverse and stunning practitioners of the bass. If you are not aware of the ISB follow the link and you’ll learn all about this organization and their mission to create opportunities for bassists of all experience levels and spread the joy of music making! The last time I attended the conference was in 1999 and even though I was only able to make it to 3 days of the 2015 conference what I heard will resonate with me forever. I witnessed performances by classical, jazz and crossover artists of all ages. I heard world premiers of compositions, jazz recitals, classical recitals and lectures on body awareness and mindfulness for better health (which leads to better bass playing). I watched a whole crew of master luthiers assemble a bass in one week and see it played in concert on the last night – truly awesome to see the interior workings of my instrument and be able to discuss the why’s and how’s of it’s construction with master builders. IN addition to all the of that there were several dozen vendors on hand and easily over 100 new and vintage instruments available to play and buy. No, I didn’t upgrade yet but I have some ideas about what I want now! The bass community is so full of love and respect for each other and it is truly like no other brotherhood in the music world. Everyone, from beginner to advanced, is treated with respect and encouraged to pursue their music making at the highest level.

There’s really to much to tell so I’m just going to list off the people I saw, heard and hung out with and you can explore it all for yourself – it’s really the best way!

Miroslav Vitous, Mark Dresser, Rufus Reid, Buster Williams, Martin Wind, Steve Bailey, John Clayton, Jorge Roeder, Nicholas Walker, Scott Dixon, Kristin Korb, Kate Jones, Sebastian Gramss, Tom Knific, James VanDemark, Scott Pingel, Nico Abondolo, Michael Bisio, Andres Martin, Diego Zecharies, Thierry Barbe, Or Baraket, Robert Black, Phil Palombi, Michael Cameron, Jessica Valls, Wayne Darling, John Adams, Paul Ellison, Frank Proto, Simon Garcia, Bruce Gertz, Irina -Kalina Goudeva, Barry Green, Susan Hagen, Mimi Jones, David Murray, Jordan Morton, Volkan Orhon, Robin Ruscio, Jiri Slavik, Donovan Stokes, Hans Sturm and so many more. Big shout out to my MN bass friends who I go to hang with HARD! Adam Booker, Jeff Bailey, Doan Roessler and Will Jensen.

(Ed. Note I wish I had some pictures to share from ISB but my phone’s camera shutter sound is on permanently (from what I’ve been able to find out) so I refuse to be the interruptor of a beautiful moment.)

JUNE’s gig list:

Monday June 8th

Good Vibes trio plays Icehouse Jazz Implosion

9:30pm  $8  21+

Phil Hey – drums, cymbals and gongs, Dave Hagedorn – vibes, CB – bass

Wednesday June 10th – Doubleheader

Zacc Harris Group at Powderhorn Park for the Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project

3-6pm  FREE  All Ages

Chris Bates Magica Improvisada @ Jazz Central w/ Chris Olson & Adrian Suarez

8:30pm  $10  All Ages

Thursday June 11th

Tom Luer Quartet @ Children’s Theatre in Eau Claire, WI

1814 N Oxford Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54703 (715) 839-8877

Tom Luer – sax, Chris Olson – gtr, Adrian Suarez – drums, CB – bass w/ special guest Sue Orfield.

Friday June 12th

Atlantis Quartet @ Jazz Central

7pm  $10  All Ages

We’re still riding high from winning the McKnight Performers Fellowship so come on out and enjoy an early show from AQ.

Tuesday June 16th

X-tet @ Jazz Central

8:30pm  $10  All Ages

Pete Whitman has lead this ten piece original ensemble for many years and I’m happy to be playing with them in a now rare appearance.

Wednesday June 17th

Good Vibes trio @ Hamline Midway Library 1558 W Minnehaha Ave, Saint Paul 55104

6:30pm  FREE  ALL AGES

The Good Vibes trio is overjoyed to be playing in one of several Pre-Festival concerts leading up to the Twin Cities Jazz Festival. This one is at the Hamline Library in St Paul. We’ve got some new tunes worked up for you so come on out!

Friday June 19th

Tall Tales @ the Nicollet

9pm  $10  All Ages

We’re coming in HOT off of our Cd release party last month at the Icehouse. We’ll be churning up the spirits and serenading you with a heavy dose of Granros, Harris, Bates and Epstein!

Saturday June 20th

Adam Meckler Quintet @ Episcopal Homes Iris Park Stage

1:30pm  FREE  ALL AGES

Adam Meckler, Nelson Devereaux, Zacc Harris, Greg Schutte, CB

Thursday June 25th

Bill Simenson Big Band @ Como Lakeside Park Pavilion

7:00pm  FREE  ALL AGES

Bill is writing some of the most intricate and intensely swinging big band music in the midwest IMO. Come hear this phenomenal band as part of the Jazz Festival.

Friday June 26th

Davu Seru, Dean Granros, CB @ Ngon Bistro

10:30pm  FREE

Another off site Jazz Fest gig with the master, Dean Granros and the mind-altering drummer Davu Seru. Skip the jam and come hear us please? Pretty please…

Saturday June 27th

Atlantis Quartet @ the Union Depot Stage

5:30pm  FREE

AQ roars into the Jazz Fest for a set of original jazz. We’re playing right in the heart of the festival so make some time to come by and hear us.

After the jazz festival I’m off to teach at Shell Lake Arts Center for the week. Immediately following that I’ll be joining up with my Atlantis Quartet brothers to play at the Iowa City Jazz Festival on Saturday July 4th at 2pm. The Iowa City festival has long been one of the hidden gems of summer in the midwest, If you are looking to take a road trip or a vacation that includes creative original music you should put this event high on your list. July and August are pretty light right now for gigs but there are several collaborations going on this summer that are going to be revealed in the fall and later this year. I’m happily taking time to dive deep and grow as a bassist, collaborator and composer. I hope you are continuing to enjoy these updates and I look forward to seeing many of you out a gigs! Live music makes it happen.

All the bass! CB