A decade since 7th St. Entry

Itʼs been a solid decade since I last played The 7th St. Entry. I remember a couple of shows there with my friend John Devine & Imp Ork and the 1st set opening slot (aka -lonely town) for the first?! Soul Coughing show in Minneapolis circa ʼFeb 95!? Iʼve loved them ever since! Good times.

In other news – I just received the reference CD for the final mastering of my debut album! The dang thing sounds FANTASTIC and I am, as you could guess, VERY excited about it. The album by Chris Batesʼ Red5 is titled ʻNew Hopeʼ and it is set to be released on Sept 18th with a CD release party at the Artistʼs Quarter on Sept 14th and 15th. You heard it here first! I hope youʼll mark your calendars now and come help me celebrate the power of music in September!

This week Iʼm playing country music, teaching a couple of days at Shell Lake Arts Center with my Framework bandmate Chris Olson and then playing two really different and fun jazz shows with the Zack Lozier trio and the Atlantis Quartet. Thanks for tuning in to the many goingʼs on here in shabbaland and over at doublebates.com. I hope you are all having an incredible summer! cb